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About Underwater Lights

Underwater lights are LED lights that are generally sun based controlled and that light up our watery lives. They can be utilized as a part of pools, lakes, on decks, on pontoons, in wellsprings and anyplace we feel a conduit needs some sprucing up.

Ponds may have water features or not and water features may be self sufficient or be a part of a pond. No matter, they have an underwater light for that. Imagine your fountain illuminated in shades of pink, purple, blue and green as the water shoots out, or, illuminate your pond for added interest and for better night viewing. Pond lights can be installed into the walls of your pond or simply float on the top. The floating variety come in a wide range of shapes and feature water lilies and orbs to name but two. The floating lights can be changed at will and can also be used out of the water around your pond for added interest.

Do you like fishing? Well, chances are you do a lot better if you are fishing off a dock that has installed underwater lighting. The lights attract the fish to the area and voila, success! Dock lights are also a safety feature that lead boats back from sea lighting their way and also make the dock stand out for passersby to notice.

Fixed or floating, as part of a boat’s aesthetics or just for fun, underwater lights add a certain something to our outdoor space.